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RJB Christian School strives to provide financial assistance to those students in Pre-K1 through 12th grade whose families can provide documentation proving their need of assistance. We strongly believe that enrollment in our school must not be the priviledge of the few who are able to pay full tuition. Our financial assistance program makes it possible to assist students who could not otherwise afford to attend due to the cost. The financial assistance program helps to achieve social and economic diversity within our school community. RJB Christian School may not be able to meet 100% of the demonstrated need for each applicant and often, the number of qualified applicants may exceed the financial assistance resources of the school. Therefore, there is no guarantee that every qualified applicant will receive financial assistance.

2021-2022 Early Learning Tuition

Pre-K1 (12 - 23 months)

$120.50 per week (5 days)

$83.75 per week (2 days)

Pre-K2 (24 - 35 months)

$112.00 per week (5 days)

$80.00 per week (2 days)

Pre-K3 & Pre-K4 (36 - 59 months)

$120.50 per week (5 days)

$83.75 per week (2 days)

2021-2022 Learning Tuition

Elementary School Tuition

K – 5th: $6,450.00

Middle School Tuition

6th – 8th: $6,750.00

High School Tuition

9th – 12th: $7,050.00

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