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Looking for an afforable, multicultural, and private school with exceptional academics? Look no further than RJB Christian School. RJB Christian School gives you access to extraordinary academics, caring faculty and multiple opportunities. We have various options available for all students regardless of their age. So come in and get excited. Apply today and find out what being a Tiger is all about!

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Thank you for your interest in RJB Christian School. Few decisions have the lasting impact on your child as that of school choice. It is during their school days that life-long friendships will be made, spiritual formation will take place, and values will be instilled. As a private school in Orlando, Florida, RJB Christian School is here to partner with you in making those days the very best that they can be.


RJB Christian School was founded in 2005 and is an exceptional college preparatory school that instills values, helps develop Christ-like character, and cultivates wisdom manifested through academic excellence. By choosing a Christian education, our families make an eternal investment in their children.


We encourage you to explore the many opportunities offered by RJB Christian School by exploring our website. We look forward to meeting with you and your family soon!

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Mr. A. Dees

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Still undecided? RJB Christian School has been helping students succeed for over a decade. We have various programs to accomodate each student from Pre-K1 all the way through 12th grade. The choice is up to you. What will you choose?